Aux Bowl


Auxbowl is a striking and contemporary lasercut and hand formed decorative bowl. Its flowing form is interrupted by a series of dynamic and organic patterned cuts, these expose polished edge surfaces which catch the light and contrast with the matt surface. Made from chilli red or ice blue acrylic with a satin finish, the bowl has an enticing glow and the varying sized apertures cast rich and interesting shadows.

The bowl developed through the creative use of dynamic expanding auxetic patterns, found in nature and utilised in science. We experimented with ways of creating interesting 3D forms from flat sheets and we found that by cutting an auxetic pattern into a sheet we could use the pattern to manipulate the material in ways which would otherwise not be possible. The geometry of these patterns enables each shaped cut to work with the adjoining shape, expanding and rotating the desired amount to allow the complex curvatures to be achieved through the application of heat.

Recently featured in Sunday Times Style magazine¬†“Auxbowl will make an eye catching centrepiece to any home”.

Size: 30cm Diameter, 9cm Height.

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