Cycling Stripes

Modern 3D printed bike clip with coloured elastic cord which wraps around your ankle to stop your trousers getting caught in your bike chain.

The clip features a design inspired by the spokes of a wheel, a stylish cycling accessory which is comfortable to wear. The cord wraps around the bottom of your leg and securely fastens back onto the 3D printed clip keeping your trouser leg from getting tangled in your chain.

It tucks away in your pocket when not in use and is available in a range of colours so you can co-ordinate with your outfit or bike. A unique and useful product which would make a great gift for someone who commutes to work or college on their bike.

The bike clip is available in 4 colours: Blue, Red, Yellow or Black and you can mix and match this with the coloured elastic cord which is available in red, black, green and yellow for a really personalised look.

Made from:

3D printed nylon with coloured elastic cord.

The bike clip is supplied with a standard length of cord but the product can be made tighter by simply tying a new knot and trimming off the excess to make it the desired length.


Height 2.6cm  x Width 3.5cm x Depth 0.8cm

Available to buy direct from our shop.