pageCUES™ are graphical card markers which slide onto the pages of books and magazine to highlight things of interest.

A set consists of 10 pageCUES™ and each one has a different graphic image based on a central theme. Currently there are 4 ranges available to buy Architecture, Woodland, Parklife and Food.  These visual cues work together in a collection to make a unique scene across your bookshelf.  A great gift for friends and family and a fun and stylish way to organise your books.

Featured in Elle Deco magazine,  they are a great way to add a touch of style and organisation to your bookshelf.

Made from sustainably sourced card, each design is produced on its own vibrant coloured card. Architecture set is on yellow card, woodland is on green card, park life is on blue card and food is on pink card.

PageCUES are approximately 7 cm height and come attached to a card 21cm x 14 cm.

Available to buy from our shop.